Anna Meares:

Life First.

Appearance Second.

Support Little Heroes Foundation ambassador Anna Meares as she prepares to lose her locks after the Commonwealth Games in July

I have always wanted to shave my head for a cuase but I've never had the guts to commit to it. Perhaps I couldn’t relate to the right cause. Or maybe I just lacked the confidence to ‘pull off’ a bald head.

But after spending time with many of the seriously ill children and families supported by Little Heroes Foundation one thing became crystal clear – the real reason I wouldn’t shave my head was vanity.

The kids supported by Little Heroes Foundation face life threatening illnesses. They are in pain. They lose their hair. Their bodies change. They just look different.

Despite this, these brave children always look happy. Each time I meet them they are smiling! For these kids and their families life comes first. Appearances come second.

These kids front up each day to take on the unfair challenges that life has thrown at them. Their courage is inspiring. This is something I can relate to.

Okay, I haven’t faced a life threatening illness but I have been through a serious accident that left me two millimetres from quadriplegia and near death. The subsequent recovery and rehabilitation was relentless. It was physically painful and battered my emotions.

But with courage and an incredible support network, I got through it.

Seriously ill children fight to reach their goal – life. I also fought for my goal - the Beijing Olympics – and I reached it.

Just like these kids, life now comes first for me. Vanity a distant second.

That’s why I am shaving my head to raise valuable funds for Little Heroes Foundation so it can continue to provide vital equipment and services to seriously ill children and their families.

If being uncomfortable for a little while makes a big difference to the lives of seriously ill children, then I am all for it.

I am excited and I am going to help.

I hope you will join me for the ride!

Anna Meares.


Messages of support ...

20 August 2014 from Loz ($50.00)
Participating in WGS 2012 was liberating. I loved being compared to Natalie Portman and was so thrilled and overjoyed by people's generosity for me to raise close to $6k. Well done Anna. Marvelous effort on and off the bike.
20 August 2014
19 August 2014 from Gus and Nina Gerace ($100.00)
We salute you Anna and neat work Tony!
13 August 2014 from Sholto ($50.00)
It's great to see famous people using their fame to help others.
13 August 2014 from Lorraine Pass ($20.00)
13 August 2014 from Alan and Del Chadwick ($50.00)
Wishing you all the best dear lady Lots of Love
13 August 2014 from Innercity Snack Bar Donation Box ($50.00)
Just a small amount Anna donated by our customers in support of your marvellous cause
12 August 2014
Loved seeing your Flying 200 metres at Chandler Velodrome on Friday evening.
12 August 2014 from Courtney Conway
You are the best Anna! Little Heroes Foundation are so lucky to have you on their team! Amazing work x
12 August 2014
Great work Anna, it's only hair, yours will grow back !!
11 August 2014 from Jeff Bowey ($20.00)
Way to go Anna Your an inspiration to all. "luv your work" :-)
9 August 2014 from JKA Karate Marion ($155.00)
Hey Anna, one week to go. All the guys and girls enjoyed having a class to raise funds. Keep up the goods work. :)
9 August 2014 from Robert Daniell ($119.00)
On and off the bike you are a true inspiration to all. Life first, guts and determination second, appearance third.
9 August 2014 from Tim and Judy Walters ($100.00)
Well done Anna
9 August 2014 from Adam Smith ($10.00)
You are a True Legend!
9 August 2014 from Sam Webster ($50.00)
You've only got a week left to knit a beanie... You'll need one!!
7 August 2014 from Octavian ($50.00)
Congratulations and thanks ford your efforts
6 August 2014 from Yoshi 50 ($50.00)
Good on you Anna for supporting worthy cause. You are so inspirational. I can contribute only a little, but $50 to mark my 50th birthday today.
6 August 2014 from Chris O'Neill ($50.00)
You are such an inspiration Anna. Wishing you all the best with your fundraising and future cycling goals. ps My class are all fans too!!
3 August 2014 from Memsahib & Bwana ($20.00)
Our hash house house harrier names - congratulations Leslie & David Smith
3 August 2014 from Kerran & Jan ($100.00)
Good one, Anna. Bruce must be enjoying the walks!
3 August 2014 from Pierre ($100.00)
Live the dream, all the best always Keep doing what you love :-)
2 August 2014 from Stu Easom
Anna, you're an inspiration and blessing to many, both young and old. Keep up your wonderful work!
28 July 2014 from Corry Cycles ($200.00)
Good onya Anna!
28 July 2014 from Kytons Bakery ($1000.00)
Well done Anna - an amazing sportswoman and ambassador for the Little Heroes you are worth your weight in lamingtons!
25 July 2014 from Adrian Brown & Meredith Thompson ($100.00)
Just watched your interview after winning Gold in Glasgow, inspiration central Anna Meares & an awesome cause!!
25 July 2014 from Christine Patterson ($50.00)
You are a fabulous ambassador for Australia. I love your bravery and spirit
25 July 2014 from Ian and Susan McCubben ($100.00)
Great cause - cheers
23 July 2014 from Barts ($100.00)
A very brave thing to do in aid of helping little ones that have to be brave every day....great work mate! Xxxx
11 July 2014 from Wallace Vroulis Bond Chartered Accountants ($1000.00)
Well done on your fundraising efforts. Great to see an Australian hero support the Little Heroes!
11 July 2014 from Josh ($50.00)
Fantastic cause!
7 July 2014 from Phyllis, Ken, Willy & Tom Little ($100.00)
You have such a great heart, Anna. Little Heroes need big hearts to move forward. Having worked in a Children's Hospital there is no question how far this money goes.
7 July 2014 from Ash ($50.00)
Good work Anna!
4 July 2014 from Scott Salisbury Group Charity Fund
Good luck Anna I hope you raise the money you are hoping for
30 June 2014 from Donna Chadwick ($50.00)
Hey Miss Anna, all the best with this admirable goal!
28 June 2014 from Sarah Kent
Hope you reach your target Anna!! Incredible cause :)
26 June 2014 from Scott and Danielle Meares ($50.00)
Hi sister of, We are very proud of what you are doing.
25 June 2014 from Ange McClure ($40.00)
Anna! Good luck fundrasising! Amazing effort for a great cause! x
25 June 2014 from Lamming Family ($50.00)
Lets Go Anna. Smash out another Gold. Fantastic Cause.
23 June 2014 from Paul Mason ($50.00)
Ride like the wind Anna
21 June 2014 from Alan Best ($50.00)
Hey Anna. Some cyclists will do anything to be more aerodynamic! Hope you reach your target. All the best from the UK.
19 June 2014
Forza Anna
18 June 2014 from Donna
Donating for Handmade bracelets made by some great kidskin support of this great cause.
17 June 2014 from CBC Australia Pty Ltd - SA ($319.00)
Such a worthy cause. Well done Anna and all the best in reaching your total.
15 June 2014 from Karl Francis ($1200.00)
You’re an inspiration both on and off the track. Such a great cause that you’re supporting, and I have no doubt you’ll smash your target.
8 June 2014 from Jan Williamson ($100.00)
Good work Anna!
7 June 2014 from Lee Rouvray ($10.00)
For Amelia, you are so brave! Thankyou Anna for helping this fantastic cause.
6 June 2014
We held a Clothes Swap to raise money. Thanks for all your great work for this cause.
5 June 2014 from Andrew, Jenny, and family ($500.00)
Great work Anna, and little heroes!
3 June 2014 from Ashlee ($100.00)
What a great cause you are raising money for Anna!! It's amazing what you are doing for the kids. good on you!!
26 May 2014 from Roger Vaughan ($50.00)
If you even so much as start thinking about shaving Bruce, I'm withdrawing this donation .... Otherwise, well done Anna.
24 May 2014 from Scott Sunderland ($50.00)
Go mearsey go :)
24 May 2014 from Tim Schild ($20.00)
Anna, Thanks for doing this for such a great cause. The big hero helping the little heros. Following you since meeting you at your book signing. Tim
24 May 2014 from Gus Kingston ($350.00)
I was more than happy to win the rollers at auction at the Port Adelaide Cycling Club roller frenzy night. It's going to a great cause and you are a champion and excellent ambassador for the cause. Regards, Gus Kingston
23 May 2014 from Nettie ($50.00)
You go girl!!
18 May 2014 from Angela Walters ($50.00)
Great work Anna!
16 May 2014 from murray ($20.00)
Well done!
13 May 2014 from Eliza Bennett ($325.00)
Dear Anna My name is Eliza and i am 11 years old. I love track racing and I race with the Bathurst club. I am also a HUGE fan of yours. When i saw that you where doing this for the Little Heroes Foundation i was so inspired that i decided to have a fundraiser to help you reach your goal. I held my own afternoon tea and sold baked goods at my dads work. I think that it's so amazing what you are doing for these kids. I hope you reach your target soon! I hope that my donation can help you. From your biggest fan Eliza
11 May 2014 from Brenton ($50.00)
Well done Anna. A true hero on and off the track.
8 May 2014 from jess fox ($50.00)
Love your work Anna, you're inspiring on and off the track and I admire you so much for everything you're doing!
6 May 2014
Good on you Anna. Appreciated the card, it's on my fridge.
5 May 2014 from Craig Phillips ($100.00)
Great cause. Well done.
5 May 2014 from Melinda ($100.00)
Anna, a wonderful cause and you are a champion for supporting it.
1 May 2014 from Mark Ferguson ($50.00)
You are awesome mate!
30 April 2014 from Terry Grealy ($20.00)
Good on you Anna.
15 April 2014 from Marqus
Well done. I was Joan of Arc in a former life, so this really means a lot.
8 April 2014 from Ride-a-Bike Right
If we can help get these fighting kids up and riding we will!
8 April 2014 from Mish Bucsai ($20.00)
Great cause Anna. Let's hope you reach your target - all the very best. Mish
7 April 2014 from Krisz ($50.00)
You're a legend Anna. I'm proud of you for supporting such a great cause.
6 April 2014 from Anne ($20.00)
Thanks Anna for doing this. It means a lot to many people.
6 April 2014 from Ava Giramondo ($50.00)
You're doing a really nice thing Anna. Love Ava Giramondo
4 April 2014 from Liz Williams ($20.00)
You really are the people's champion!!! I wish I could give more. I really love that you are making such a huge positive difference to the world. The world is very lucky to have you xx
3 April 2014 from Laila ($20.00)
Anna, you are brave and courageous for shaving your head! It is truly inspiring and I support you whole heartily.You are a champion. All the best! Laila
>> Anna Meares: Laila, Thank you :) Be chatting soon9 April 2014 06:10 PM
3 April 2014 from Reece & Sam Homfray ($50.00)
You continually make your country proud on and off the bike. Great stuff mate!
>> Anna Meares: Thanks you pair :) Hope to catch up soon9 April 2014 06:10 PM
2 April 2014 from Stephen McNeight ($20.00)
A true inspiration !!!
>> Anna Meares: Thank you Stephen9 April 2014 06:09 PM
28 March 2014 from Aaron & Krissy Kelly (Rocky) ($250.00)
Hey mate, you are a big hero to many little heroes all over the world. You're an inspiring woman and you succeed in anything you put your mind to. Best of luck at the Commonwealth Games and what you're doing after you win GOLD in Glasgow is for a great cause! Go Anna! A champion cyclist and champion person!
>> Anna Meares: AK & Krissy, Thank you for supporting me as you always do! Feeling the love. Thank you so much9 April 2014 06:09 PM
28 March 2014 from Ruth Hobson
Fabulous job Anna, what a role model you are.
>> Anna Meares: Thank you very much Ruth9 April 2014 06:08 PM
27 March 2014 from Rony Wombat ($50.00)
woohoo go Anna :p
>> Anna Meares: Thanks Rony9 April 2014 06:08 PM
27 March 2014
A great initiative. Push it.
>> Anna Meares: I will thank you :)9 April 2014 06:08 PM
25 March 2014 from Franck Alcidi ($20.00)
Great to see such an inspirational person such as Anna getting behind this great cause.
>> Anna Meares: Magic thank you Franck9 April 2014 06:08 PM
18 March 2014 from Caitlin Shea ($50.00)
Go Anna! Can't wait to see the results. Caitlin
>> Anna Meares: Caitlin, Thank you for donating. Means a lot! Hope you are well9 April 2014 06:08 PM
14 March 2014 from Alison Carbery ($50.00)
Anna, you are an inspiration. A wonderful gesture for an amazing cause. Good luck at Comm Games! We will be cheering for you.
>> Anna Meares: Thank you :)9 April 2014 06:07 PM
6 March 2014 from Shane JOnesy ($50.00)
Keep inspiring Anna ..... your story helps people everyday overcome setbacks and come out the other end with stronger minds and bodies !!
>> Anna Meares: JONESY! Thanks heaps9 April 2014 06:07 PM
21 February 2014 from Shaz
What an amazing thing you are doing. Such a small sacrifice for a great cause. Some may say it's a big sacrifice, especially for women, but take it from me, it's very freeing to shave ones head! Thank you for your committment to everything you do and for being an amazing inspiration to so many.
21 February 2014 from Shaz Brown ($50.00)
Anna Meares - a true Aussie Champ. Grace, humility, passion, drive and her never give upedness astound me. Congrats on everything you have and will achieve, you are a true inspiration and a true blue Aussie! Thanks for being you xx
>> Anna Meares: Thank you very much Shaz9 April 2014 06:07 PM
19 February 2014 from Dyann Smith ($5000.00)
Anna you are an incredible inspirtation to so many. Here is a little help to assist reaching your target $
>> Anna Meares: Dyann, You are so generous thank you! This will go such a long way to make me feel better when I am bald and to help the kids LHF support! Love Anna9 April 2014 06:06 PM
14 February 2014 from AK (Andrew Kelly)
Mearesey the Magnificent
>> Anna Meares: Not so much but thank you :)9 April 2014 06:06 PM
12 February 2014 from Shimma
Great idea, can i have the surplus hair ....running a bit low here
>> Anna Meares: ha ha ha... hmmm not sure if its your colour? Thanks Shimma9 April 2014 06:05 PM
10 February 2014 from Clay Worthington ($100.00)
Good luck towards achieving your goal!
>> Anna Meares: Awesome! Thank you Clay9 April 2014 06:05 PM
7 February 2014 from Aunty Paula
Go Anna. Absolutely happy to contribute to this. Will be over in Aus again around june, and will take pleasure in giving my donation in person. Will spread the word thru the NZ rellies. Lots of love always, A.P.
>> Anna Meares: Hope to see you then Thanks for supporting me Aunty P9 April 2014 06:05 PM
6 February 2014 from Paula & Marv ($100.00)
We are very proud of you Anna, it's a fantastic cause!
>> Anna Meares: Thank you Marv and Paula :) Really appreciate you both getting behind me on this9 April 2014 06:04 PM
6 February 2014 from Lori ($20.00)
Well done Anna. Awesome cause!
>> Anna Meares: Thank you9 April 2014 06:04 PM
5 February 2014 from Tammie
Good luck. Can't wait to see the aero hair do!
>> Anna Meares: Thanks very much Tammie :)9 April 2014 06:03 PM
4 February 2014 from Dave Hurrell ($50.00)
Great work Anna. JkA Marion supports you all the way :-)
>> Anna Meares: Oh I miss you guys and gals. I will be back... post RIO9 April 2014 06:03 PM
4 February 2014 from Paul sloper
Well done Anna keep up the great work you are a great ambassador to the sport and Australia
>> Anna Meares: Thanks so much for support this for me9 April 2014 06:03 PM
4 February 2014 from John and Gab
Good on you Anna, such a worthy cause
>> Anna Meares: Thank you John and Gab9 April 2014 06:03 PM
4 February 2014 from Hamster the Bayside Bandido ($100.00)
Go Anna, Go Kids
>> Anna Meares: THANK YOU VERY MUCH :) woohoo9 April 2014 06:02 PM
4 February 2014 from Jill Seeman ($100.00)
Hello Anna, I would love to have the courage to shave my head. This is a wonderful cause and you are a fantastic role model. I visited the track for the first time last weekend and watched you race. It was an absolute pleasure to watch. Though I think I will keep myself on a road bike only for now! Best of luck in all your competitions and of course reaching your goal. Cheers.. Jill (Karl's friend...)
>> Anna Meares: Hi Jill, Thank you for your donation... while the track looks scary it is as addictive as the road :) Till next time 9 April 2014 06:02 PM
3 February 2014 from Nicky Alsemgeest ($50.00)
Anna, for as long as I have been following cycling, you have always presented as a great champion, both on and off the bike. I saw you exchange a bunch of flowers for a kiss from an old guy in the crowd at Dunc Gray once - you made his day! You personify what I believe Australian Heroes should be. Thanks for all that you do.
>> Anna Meares: Very kind of you and thank you for your support and donation9 April 2014 06:01 PM
3 February 2014 from Ross
snip snip
>> Anna Meares: Indeed. Thank you9 April 2014 06:01 PM
3 February 2014 from Gennie
You can always keep your helmet on if it scares Bruce!
>> Anna Meares: HA HA HA Thanks very much Gen... no hair brush needed in the podium bag post race9 April 2014 06:00 PM
3 February 2014 from Rick ($5.00)
Hi Anna, would love to give more but just can't at the moment! You are an absolute champion! Enjoy the shave!!
>> Anna Meares: Rick, this is a wonderful donation, it all will collate to go a long way. Thank you9 April 2014 06:00 PM
24 January 2014 from Quinny ($20.00)
A small contribution to an amazing person with a big heart. Love what your doing chick, a great cause to support.
>> Anna Meares: Quinny! Thanks mate9 April 2014 06:00 PM
24 January 2014
Good on you, Anna
>> Anna Meares: Thank you9 April 2014 05:59 PM
24 January 2014 from philip leyden ($50.00)
Great stuff Anna
>> Anna Meares: Thank you very much Philip9 April 2014 05:59 PM
24 January 2014 from Lis
Champion - on and off the bike. Such a great cause. Xx
>> Anna Meares: It is a great cause, There are many great causes but I am happy to be behind this one. Thank you9 April 2014 05:58 PM
23 January 2014
You are an inspiration Anna
>> Anna Meares: Thank you9 April 2014 05:58 PM
22 January 2014 from Steve, Sarah and Jordyn Hassett ($1000.00)
Anna, again you have amazed us with your dedication and desire. We could not ask for a better role model for Jordyn to look up to as a budding junior cyclist who has experienced first hand the loss of her mother to cancer. Thank you for being so awesome.
>> Anna Meares: I hope Jordan fights and lives life to the full as I am sure her mother would want. Hopefully my doing this and your donation can help others do the same9 April 2014 05:58 PM
22 January 2014 from Carl Brewer ($50.00)
A trully worthwhile group to fund, these guys make a real, long lasting difference. Thank you Anna.
>> Anna Meares: No, the thanks is all mine Carl. Really appreciate your support9 April 2014 05:57 PM
22 January 2014 from Cicee ($40.00)
Good on you! Love your spirit!
>> Anna Meares: Thank you very much9 April 2014 05:54 PM
22 January 2014 from Jayson Mazins ($250.00)
What a fantastic cause I hope everyone gets behind Anna and the kids and give what you can every bit helps ... We all love your work Anna Cheers Jayson :)
>> Anna Meares: Love your words and support. Thank you Jayson9 April 2014 05:54 PM
22 January 2014 from John Fisher
Well done Anna, a worthy cause.
>> Anna Meares: Thank you John9 April 2014 05:53 PM
22 January 2014 from Hugh
Hello Anna, Brilliant, I will support and coordinate support from my company!
>> Anna Meares: Looking forward to it Hugh9 April 2014 05:53 PM
22 January 2014 from Donna ($100.00)
Great cause, proud to support this project, well done!
>> Anna Meares: Thank you Donna!9 April 2014 05:53 PM
22 January 2014 from David Mitts
As a survivor of Colorectal cancer, I am giving my support to you because I too believe our children shouldn't have to face what they face. They need our love and support in their time of need.
>> Anna Meares: Thank you David. Great to hear you survived your experience and are prepared to help kids in a similar boat.9 April 2014 05:53 PM
22 January 2014 from Yvie ($50.00)
Great work Anna, the hair will grow back and hopefully lives changed with the money raised.
>> Anna Meares: Exactly. Thank you!9 April 2014 05:52 PM
22 January 2014 from LIZA EMANUELE
Good on you Anna. You are a super role model in many ways. I want my 2 girls to look up to inspirational women like you. You never give up and do whatever it takes to achieve your dreams.... It is an honor seeing you in my clothes. We are behind you! Lx
>> Anna Meares: Thank you very much Liza :)9 April 2014 05:52 PM
22 January 2014 from Kirri ($20.00)
Anna, your a true star, and I think you'll look beautiful with or without hair babe! xo
>> Anna Meares: Thank you Kirri :) Hope to catch up when next up your way9 April 2014 05:51 PM
22 January 2014 from SADB Directional Drilling ($1000.00)
With or with hair a Champion person - Great cause - Great person!
>> Anna Meares: Wowsers! Thank you very much Means a lot!9 April 2014 05:51 PM
22 January 2014 from Nisa
Watching your Australian Story again the other night I was once again reminded of your incredible courage and conviction. Both yourself and Layne Beachley continue to be my greatest sporting and more importantly human inspirations. My greatest gratitude for continually reminding me of what is important in life.
>> Anna Meares: Thank you very much Nisa for your kind words and donation. I am glad you enjoyed again the Australian Story documentary9 April 2014 05:50 PM
22 January 2014 from Siobhan, Skye and Maeve Gregory ($20.00)
Because kids provide the greatest hope and inspiration
>> Anna Meares: Thank you for your support30 March 2014 10:55 PM
18 January 2014 from Alan and Del Chadwick
When is this to happen will help support your cause love xxx
>> Anna Meares: The shave will be post Commonwealth Games when I return to Australia early August3 February 2014 12:23 PM
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